Time Habits of a Medical Student, MS1 Spring Midterm

A refresher:

Figure 1


Figure 2
Figure 3


Figure 4

Day of the Week

Figure 5
Figure 6

New Figures

I created a couple of new figures that parse data based on my year and term in school.

Figure 7: Proof I can relax ;)
Figure 8

The Good Stuff

As I progress throughout my education, I want to be able to assess the relative amount of time I spent in each category. I created a pie chart to visualize this.

Figure 9
Table 1: Total weekly time by category (hours)

Predictions for the rest of the term

If my twin brother’s (one academic year ahead at a different school) experience is anything near what I can expect, I will dedicate more total time to medical school in an absolute sense. I think I have found my sweet spot, ~38 hours per week, for the amount of time I put towards courses (Anki, Class, Self-Study) and predict that will remain stable for the remainder of spring. My extracurricular activities though (volunteering, research, other), currently ~12 hours per week, will increase as I continue to dig deeper into projects and step into leadership roles. I was also just hired for part-time paid employment so there will be a new time category added to the mix for my next write-up.

Code for Analysis

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Chris Hornung

Chris Hornung


A twin in the Twin Cities. I used to write a lot. University of Minnesota Medical School. I really like tracking things.