Time Habits of a Medical Student, MS1 Spring Term

Figure 1: Legend of categories
Figure 2: Total time by category and date.
Figures 3 and 4: Comparing time by category before and after midterm exams.
Figures 5 and 6: Comparing time by category between fall and spring terms.
Figures 7 & 8: Comparing total hours per week by spring and fall term.
Figure 9: Time by term, accounting for breaks.
Figure 10: Breakdown of time using Anki. The highlighted section denotes the spring term.
Figures 11 and 12: Average time by day of the week.
Figures 13 & 14: Distribution of categories by term.
Table 1: Average time per week by term (hours).
Table 2: Academic performance between fall and spring terms.

Code for Analysis

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Chris Hornung

Chris Hornung


A twin in the Twin Cities. I used to write a lot. University of Minnesota Medical School. I really like tracking things.